About Our Dealership

911 Fire & Fleet Equipment

Our goal here at 911 Fleet & Fire Equipment is to be a One-Stop-Shop for any and all emergency departments to get what they need to fulfill their job of protecting the public and providing safety.

Our Mission

First responders are in the face of danger on almost a daily basis. We at 911 Fleet & Fire Equipment strive to make those lives easier and safer with top of the line equipment that helps them to fulfill their duties faster and more precise. This helps first responders get in and out of danger’s way more rapidly.

Along with the best products, we at 911 Fleet & Fire Equipment also offer top of the line emergency vehicles. From fire trucks to ambulances, we sell many different makes and models to fit your company’s needs. If you need your new vehicle to be lettered or striped to match the rest of your fleet, then our graphics division can use their years of experience to mark your new vehicle accordingly.

our helpful team

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